ORDER HANDMADE masih lagi d tutup :(..harga bole refer di bawah blog ni ye.....:)

T E R M S and C O N D I T I O N S

Dwi bahasa Term & Condition :)

My Beloved AkIANs'..pls read this before make order my HANDMADE ya :)
  •  Please FILL THE ORDER FORM to make an order
  • All items is 100% hand-stitched , 100% handmade , 100% by me
  •  All items here is under license AmayaKazuki Independent Art (Ak.I.A).Pls do not COPY or STEAL because i put  all my  efforts to create all this.
  • There may be slight differences in the look of the item due to the lighting and conditioning of pictures taken.
  •  Prices are non-negotiable. ( Fix Price )
  •  Goods sold are not exchangeable nor refundable.
  •  Pls make payment before your order will be proceed.
  •  Ak.I.A will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by the local postal services.
  •  For the pre order item, the duration of making is within 2 weeks or else Ak.I.A will inform if there is any problem.
  •  Please notify us once the payment has being made through via sms or inbox AND SHOW THE TRANSACTION as prove.
  •  NO REFUND or what so over once the payment has been made,NO CANCELLATION after payment has been made or else your payment will be BURN..
  •  PRIORITY will be given for those who are make payment after making order...TQ

My Beloved AkIANs'..pls read this before make order my GRAFIX ya :)

1. Mestila serius buyer sahaja.

2. Deposit / bayaran penuh diperlukan sebelum order anda d masukkan dalam Q list. Then, baru design anda akn d proceed utk proses mendesign. Selagi blum dpt payment, proses men'design' tidak akn d lakukan.

3. Kastemer hanya d benarkn tukar design sebanyak 4x SAHAJA.Lebih pada tu, akan d caj yg spatutnya (Design kartun, Tukar/ubah font/wording tidak d kenakan caj.

4. Kastemer tidak d galakkan utk CANCEL mana2 design yg telah d buat atau dlm proses design. Jika tidak, gantirugi separuh harga design akan d kenakan.

5. Order akan d buat mengikut adalah mengikut Q (yg membuat bayaran penuh akan d utamakan)..so..lebih adilkn ..:)

6. Order emegency/nk cpt/ dateline singkat akan d caj DOUBLE..krn memerlukan perahan otak/idea on the spot...penat woo...

7. Ak.I.A akan memberi tempoh 1 BULAN utk menjelaskn baki bayaran..Lebih pada itu, design anda akan d jual kpd yg bminat....so..ianya bkn lagi hak kalian ye..& deposit tidak akan d kembalikan.

8. Pembayaran TUNAI sahaja d terima :)